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      Be a world-class provider of integrated electroacoustic / sensing solutions
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      Be the world class electroacoustic / sensor
      Total solution provider
      Xingang Electronics, founded in 2001 and headquartered in Weifang, is a comprehensive acoustics and sensor solutions provider integrating R&D, manufacturing, sales and service.

      We set up R&D centers in Singapore, Beijing, Shenzhen and Qingdao, and have reached strategic cooperation with Chinese Academy of Sciences, Singapore Science and Technology Bureau, Shandong University and Jilin University to build R&D platforms for MEMS microphone /MEMS sensor. Currently,we have got more than 70 technical patents, more than 100 proprietary technologies, with dozens of experts and more than 40 R & D engineers.
      The products are widely used in consumer electronics, automotive electronics, medical devices, industrial control, aviation and other fields, especially in the field of active noise reduction and environmental noise reduction.
      Be the world class electroacoustic / sensor
      • sony
      • 华为
      • siemens
      • TCL
      • vtech
      • BYD
      • 漫步者
      • philips
      • panasonic
      • Toshiba
      • Lenovo
      • 创维
      • oppo
      • Olympus
      • harman
      contact us
      Shandong Xingang Electronic Te
      • Telephone:+86-536-7623222
      • Email:xg@xingangsd.com
      • Address:Building 7,No 1369 Zhengtai Road,Fangzi district,Weifang city,Shandong
      contacts: Liu Xiaomiao(Marketing Depart)
      • contact number:15318937280
      • Email:summer_liu@xingangsd.com
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