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      The employees of XG responded to the government's call and actively participated in physical fitness monitoring activities
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           In order to implement weifang's national physical fitness monitoring work and guide people to exercise scitifically, Fangzi District Sports Development Center specially formulated the national physical fitness monitoring program of "2021 Weifang National physical fitness Monitoring going into government offices, Sub-districts, villages, enterprises -- Fangzi Station". The employees of XG responded to the government's call and actively participated in physical fitness monitoring activities.

      Figure 1: Employees of XG line up for monitoring
           On June 21, fangzi District physical fitness monitoring activity was launched in the exhibition hall on the 1st floor of building 3, East Courtyard of the Incubator Support Center of Shandong Surveying and Mapping Geographic Information Industrial Park. The monitoring items include height, weight, vital capacity, grip strength, reaction time, standing on one foot with eyes closed, vertical jumping and other 11 items.
      Figure 2: Blood Pressure test
      Figure 3: Power vehicle secondary load test
           The participants held personal information cards and completed 11 monitoring items one by one under the patient guidance of the staff. They conducted comprehensive ability tests, and measured physical fitness from all aspects such as basic physical conditions, strength and flexibility.

             After the test, everyone will get a physical fitness assessment report, so that they can accurately understand their physical health status and personal physical function status. Many participants said the physical fitness monitoring was very interesting, just like playing a game, and they could get a detailed monitoring report on which a series of health indexes is very clear.

      The implementation of this physical fitness monitoring activity not only enables employees to know their current status, but also provides an effective basis for scientifically developing fitness exercises and promotes the continuous development of a healthy lifestyle.
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