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      Xingang Electronics holds employee activities in the first quarter of 2021
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           In order to enrich the spiritual and cultural life of the employees, improve their cohesion and sense of honor and create a harmonious, healthy, sunny and positive atmosphere, the company held an activity on the fourth floor on the afternoon of April 30.
          This activity is based on skillful team building games, with a total of five items, including tug-of-war, three-person four-legs, crowded eyebrows, guidance for the blind, and consigned balloon competitions. Participants include SM and EM manufacturing department members as well as production-related personnel. Individuals and teams that win the event will receive some rewards, and teams that lose will also receive participation awards.
           The activity makes everyone realize the importance of teamwork, strengthens mutual understanding and trust, cultivates the spirit of cooperation among employees and creates good working atmosphere in the company. In the future, XG will continue to pay attention to the needs of employees, work hand in hand with them, and move forward together.

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