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      Xingang Electronics was granted weifang key laboratory honor
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           In order to further strengthen the construction of scientific and technological innovation platform, strengthen applied basic research, and improve independent innovation and R&D capability, the enterprise actively participates in the declaration of government projects. In November 2020, the enterprise participated in the declaration of weifang Key laboratory.
          Shandong Xingang Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. has actively organized and completed the preliminary application work by virtue of its complete management system, high-level technical personnel and advanced equipment capacity. In December 2020, Weifang Science and Technology Bureau issued the approval, announcing that Shandong Xingang Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. formally established "Weifang MEMS Sensor Chip and System Integration Technology Key Laboratory".

            The establishment of this laboratory can promote regional economic development and achieve a win-win situation for many enterprises and also has become an important innovation engine for the development of the sensor industry. Xingang Electronics will continue to accelerate its development and make greater contribution to the local economy .
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